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Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.

Set of four pieces
Set includes:
    2 EA 204P-820 Screws
    1 EA 183-820 22" Boom Extension
    1 EA 219-820 Boom Stud
You are able to order each of these pieces separately
Click the link "Boom Extension Parts" above to view the list of parts.

Boom Extension Kit ( 22" )

The Downrigger boom extension kit enables you to convert your standard 24" boom into 46" boom.
Extending the length of the boom of your downrigger will result in multiple advantages:

  • Ensure greater clearance between the vessel and the trolling gear
  • Increase area coverage when used off the side of the boat (like an outrigger)
  • Easier to manage when fishing with multiple downriggers
  • Greater distance between lines allows for better boat maneuverability with less chances of line tangles.


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Kit Contents:

  • 1 - 22 inch Boom Extension
  • 1 - Center Boom Stud
  • 1 - Boom Set Screw
Penn SKU: TRO AR-1080
Troll-Master SKU: TRO-AR-1080
Our Price: $58.50 KIT
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