Finding the parts for your Penn fishing reel.
See also: Catalog Tutorial for additional info on looking up parts and learning your way around the catalog. (What the stock icons mean, searching specifict part numbers, etc.)

There are two ways to get to the list of parts for the reels for ordering.
1st: Use this page, see the breakdown of reel types below and click on the one that applies.

2nd: The other is to click on the tabs across the top of any Pennparts dept. screen (Conventional, Spinning, etc).

  • Click on the one that matches your reel type.
  • Then locate your reel model/number and click on that.
  • From there, it's just a matter of clicking on the part number to view/add to cart.
  • There is also a link to view/print the schematic, or add it to your order, if you need it.

Notes on searching specific Penn part numbers

We use Penn's original formatting for all our part numbers in the catalog.
Most customers will be working off of older schematics (reels 1930's and forward) which have the original formatting.
Penn switched to a computerized format around 2000.

Sample computerized format: 039 009 as found on newer schematics.
SEARCH in our online system: 39-9 as found on the older schematics.

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