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Handle Compatibility
Handle Cross Reference
We've had quite a few requests along the lines of "Can you tell me what other handle will fit my reel?" over the past few years, so our tech took the time to put together a cross reference of handles to bridges, assigning a letter type to each corresponding bridge/sleeve and handle. You can use this info to find the handle you would prefer for your reel.

You can scroll down this page to see each section of types of bridges/sleeves compared to reels they fit.
There are links throughout the page to go to each of the handle ordering pages, once you figure out what type that you need.

Other Questions about handles? See the Parts FAQ:   About PARTS FAQ

Choosing a handle that is compatible with your reel, other than the standard handle.


  • LEFT HANDLE MODELS: use same handle types as standard versions
  • Some handles may require additional parts to make a conversion. You may see some reel-specific notes regarding those parts in some of the handle screens when you click on the part numbers to view the handles on the page linked below.
  • If a reel is NOT listed under a particular type, then it is NOT compatible with any handle of that type.

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12/21/2023 Got it! Its perfect. Thank you so much. It was just on a whim that I even searched for this part. Hard to believe that I could get a reel part for a reel that is 30 plus years old. Thanks again,
Todd M
1/16/2024 Comprehensive parts list, easy to order, and prompt service. I will definitely use them again.
Lin R.
1/4/2024 Quite a few years doing business with great folks. Simply the best. Thanks for your commitment to the business 👍