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Q:  "I can't get the .pdf file to print right, the diagram keeps coming out too small to read. "
    A:  We reduced the images to keep the file size smaller.
      To adjust printing so that image comes out full size when you print:
      At the top of the ADOBE Acrobat Reader is a menu.
      Select "File", then "Print".
      An options screen comes up.
      To the right is a box that says "Copies and Adjustments".
      Make sure that the boxes in that section are all checked off as shown in sample shown in image below.
      Then hit the "OK" button and schematic will print correctly. >
Q:  "I'm not sure if I'm looking at the right reel? Number is a little different, or it only has a name? "
    A:  PENN has changed some series part numbers over the years. Sometimes they dropped a name off, or they changed something about the reel, such as a spool. Some samples of the ones commonly asked about are below:
      9, 9M, Peerless
      109, 109M
      285, 285M, Delmar
      350, 350M
Q:  "I'm having trouble searching for a Penn part number - how do I a specific part number using search? "
    Notes on searching Penn part numbers

    We use Penn's original formatting for all our part numbers in the catalog.
    Most customers will be working off of older schematics (reels 1930's and forward) which have the original formatting.
    Penn switched to a computerized format around 2000.

    Sample computerized format: 039 009 as found on newer schematics.
    SEARCH in our online system: 39-9 as found on the older schematics.

    SKU = The reel model# in which the part is used.

Q:  "I have a 700 Spinfisher series penn reel which is in the old green style. Do you have parts? "
    A:  If you are trying to RESTORE a reel to it's original condition for collection purposes: NO. We do not have any off the 700 series parts in Green.

    If you are trying to repair the reel to WORKING condition: YES. See the 704-722z series reels in the spinning section, the parts are compatible.
Q:  "OLD TORPEDO HANDLES: in white, orange, green, brown. Do you have any of these? "
    A:  NO. The few that we did have went fairly fast. If we do get hold of them, we post them on E-bay or we list them in the PennParts section of the catalog, under Antique Dept.

    "Do you stock the conversion parts for Penn reels made by Accurate or Newell?
    Do you carry parts for Daiwa, Shimano, Abu Garcia, reels etc. etc.?

    A:  NO. We only carry the parts manufactured by Penn Fishing Tackle, Inc. You can see a list of folks you can get other parts from by going to our Contact Info page.
Q:  Aftermarket parts:

    "Are the parts shown online manufactured by Penn or some aftermarket company? "

    A:  Yes, with exceptions. We carry the parts manufactured by Penn Fishing Tackle, Inc. The only exceptions are a handful of parts, which are all marked as to who manufactured them or marked as aftermarket. For example, we have a couple of gear sleeves by Alan Tani.
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3/10/2023 Fast shipping. Gr8 packaging. Wonderful transactions. I will buy my parts here again. Thx!
Frank R.
4/13/2023 Got it! Its perfect. Thank you so much. It was just on a whim that I even searched for this part. Hard to believe that I could get a reel part for a reel that is 30 plus years old. Thanks again,
Jim D.
4/13/2023 You guys are "the best"! Customer service on steroids. Greatly appreciated
Glenn T.