International Single Speed 80, 80W, 80T, 80TW REEL SPECS  

International Tournament Single Speed - No other reel has done more to shape the world of big game angling than the Penn single-speed International. Ranging from the formidable 80TW to the light tackle 12LT, these reels have the power to tackle billfish, tuna, shark, wahoo, dolphinfish and more. (1998 Penn Catalog)


The first International Tournament series was introduced in 1967, the Penn 80 being one of them. In the late 80's this model was replaced by the much less weighing 80T. However the Penn 80W wasn't added to the series until the 1970's. This spool had a greater line capacity than it's brother, the Penn 80. In the late 80's the 80W was replaced by the 80TW, which weighed much less than the massive, 114 oz. weighing 80W.


    Machine-cut, heat-treated stainless steel main and pinion gears and drag cams.
    Perfectly balanced, machined, gold anodized one-piece frame.
    Four aircraft-grade, sealed stainless steel ball bearings.
    Stainless steel reel stand.
    One-piece pinion spool and spool shaft.
    A double dog design prevents internal damage from sudden strikes and long wear-free life.
    Unique drag system.
    Loud, durable clicker.
    Forged and machined spool and side plates.
    Adjustable pre-set drag automatically keeps drag tension within safe limits.
    Lever action drag control ranges over 120 degrees.


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