Mariner Series REEL SPECS


Mariner Series - The Mariner Series is virtually in a class by itself - the only reels designed specifically for deep sea trolling. The narrow spool design makes it easier to fish with lead core, wire, dacron and mono lines. Mariners have also proven themselves in the down-deep world of west coast rockcodding. From trolling for Canadian lake trout to jigging for big Pacific lingcod, Mariner does it deep. (1985 Penn Catalog)

49L: One of the first conventional reel series, the mariners proved their capabilities and many of them were available for a long time. Of the 4 models in the series, only the #49 model, which was also made for the first time before 1941, was still manufactured into 2006, albeit with new technologies. The first Penn 49's featured a molded, plastic spool, while today's Penn 49L features an aluminum spool and Penn's HT-100 drag. Interesting detail about the way reels were coded over the decades: In 1941 a left handed version of the Penn 49 was also available. This reel was given the same code as today's aluminum spool version, 49L.

249: The 249 was available for the shortest time of all, being manufactured before 1941 like the other mariners, this model was discontinued before the plastic spool got a chance to be replaced by a metal one. It was available in triple multiplying version, as well as in a double multiplying version, with modelnumber 249DM. Catalog #20 refers to this reel as the Penn Angler. Late 30's. "Penn 77 on Steroids". Made for L. L. Bean.

349 Models: In 1958 The Penn 349 appeared on the market in four different versions: the standard model, the higher speed model, both available with or without a convertible star drag. The standard model with convertible star drag was only available for a few years. In the late 70's the standard model was discontinued, followed by the high speed with convertible star drag in the mid 80's. In the late 80's the last remaining model became discontinued.

Name/Series: Mariner, Master Mariner, Super Mariner, Penn Angler (249)


    Narrow aluminum spool
    Reinforced frame with double pillars.
    Oversized handle.
    Back plate fitted with adjustable click.
    Chrome plated brass rings.
    Oversized brake lining / HT-100 drags.
    Optional Anti-reverse.
    Designed for specialized lines.
    Two-speed, dual lever spool control (49L and 349HC).
    Convertible leverage handle (349's)



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