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Longbeach, Long Beach, Long Beach Deluxe (Live Bait Caster) Reel Specs


REEL INFO: Long Beach Series - Solid and dependable, the Penn Long Beach Series has become the standard in salt water quality at a popular price. Equipped with powerful gears, these USA-made reels are ideal for wreck and bottom fishing, and great for fish like flounder, cod, sea bass, and even large catfish. The Penn 60 was declared a collectors item in 2002. (1995 Penn Catalog)

HISTORY: The Long Beach Series featured 5 different models, all of which have been around since before 1941. It wasn't until 1999 that the first few models were discontinued by Penn. In 2000, two more models (Penn 267 and 268) were added to the Long Beach Series. In 2004 the last reel of this popular and long-lasting general purpose series was put together.

Name/Series: Longbeach, Long Beach, Long Beach Deluxe (Live Bait Caster)


  • Anodized aluminum spool.
  • Precision machined gears.
  • Chrome plated brass exposed metal components for corrosion resistance.
  • HT-100 multi-disc star drag system.
  • Loud, durable, clicker.
  • Soft grip counterbalanced handle.



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