180, 185 Baymaster Reel Specs  

REEL INFO: Baymaster - These lightweight reels are ideally suited for light tackle fishing. All reels in the series are equipped with free spool action, sliding click and one-shot lubrication system. (1966 Penn Catalog)

This reel was manufactured for the first time before 1941, with a plastic spool, and wasn't discontinued until the early 70's. In 1941 models were not part of any series, but by 1958 the models #180 and 185 were collected under the name "Baymaster" and the 185-model was added to the series. In the late 80's the metal spool was the default, but the plastic spool was still available as an accessory.

Name/Series: Baymaster


  • Chrome plated brass spool provides strength and better line capacity.
  • Rigid frame.
  • Multi-disc drag.
  • Free spool action.
  • One-shot lubrication.
  • Loud, durable, clicker.
  • Counter-balanced handle.

Sample of Bakelite spool version:

Bakelite spool



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