International ST Two Speed

International II Two Speed Series - The Penn international II, with it's powerful two-speed gearing and lever drag, was designed for every offshore challenge known to mankind. From the powerful, but lightweight 16S, to the brute size and raw power of the 130ST, Penn has built and international II for all big-game fishing needs. The second-gear provides a lower ratio for power and torque, useful for cranking up fish that have decided to nosedive for the ocean floor. (2005 Penn Catalog)

Name/Series: International II - Two Speed

    Machine-cut, heat-treated stainless steel main and pinion gears and drag cams.
    Machined, gold anodized one-piece frame.
    Four aircraft-grade, sealed stainless steel ball bearings.
    Stainless steel reel stand.
    Loud, durable clicker.
    Aluminum barrel handle.
    forged and machined spool and side plates.
    Push button shifting system, making gear changes easier than ever before, even during the heat of battle.
    Adjustable pre-set.


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