25, 26, 27 Monofil Reel Specs  

REEL INFO: Monofil Conventional Reels- All Penn Monofil Reels provide the advantages and thrills of fishing with light lines, lures and tackle - plus the landing power of conventional star drag reels, to bring in fighting fish. (1958 Penn Catalog)

HISTORY: In 1939, DuPont, the company which invented nylon, began marketing nylon monofilament fishing lines; however, braided Dacron (a kind of plastic) lines remained the most used and popular fishing line for the next two decades. In the late 50's DuPont introduced Stren, a thinner monofilament line that could be used in a large range of reels, including newly introduced spinning and spin casting tackle. Penn made use of this new type of fishing line and introduced the Monofil Series, reels which all used monofilament lines. This type of fishing line is still widely used today. The Monofil series featured 3 main models, all of which were available in specific sub-models with either a plastic or metal spool. "M" Designates the model with metal spool rather than plastic.

Name/Series: 25, 25M, 26, 26M, 27, 27M Monofil Conventionals


  • Bakelite Side Plates (early models) then Poly later on.
  • Plastic or Chrome over Bronze Spools
  • Torpedo Knob Handle (early models) later became rubberized knob.
  • Bronze Main Gear
  • Stainless Steel pinion gear



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