77 Sea Hawk REEL SPECS  

REEL INFO: Economy reels for both fresh and salt water - The least expensive yet most serviceable reels available at their price range. Even at the low price for each reel, all exposed metal parts were made of solid brass and built for long use. These reels were used for salt water bottom fishing, pier fishing etc., as well as fishing in fresh water ponds, lakes, streams and rivers. The  Penn Sea Hawk was an extremely popular low cost reel for general fishing. (1968 Penn Catalog)

HISTORY:  With no series name, these reels were simply called the economy reels for general fishing. Models in this series were the 77 Sea Hawk, the 78 Sea Scamp and the 79 Sea Mate. All were manufactured in the 1950 and thanks to their popularity the series remained around for a long time. It wasn't until the late 1980's that Penn discontinued these reels.

Name/Series: 77 Sea Hawk  


    Solid brass components.
    Reinforced plastic side plates and spool.
    Multiplying gears.
    Free spool action.
    Sliding click.
    Two knob balanced handle.
    NO DRAG - Thumb is used


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