Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models in different quantities.

Measures: #3-48 x .375" long. Threading is 3/32" diameter aka .094"


With 24-30S handle: (2) 39-1 screws are used to secure the 24-30S handle, one end of the handle knob will be silver, one gold.

On 10 Mag: Left Side Post Screw (uses 3)

On 9M, 109M : Post Screw (uses 6)

On 25GLS : 39-1 Top Right Side Screw

WARNING On 10KG, 15KG: Shift Housing Screw Penn REV0 ERROR DOES NOT FIT (uses 2 OF 23-15KG)

NOTE: 23-15KG has a thread diameter of 1/8" or .012".
On the Pre-50VSW first run reels, they used a thinner diameter threading 3/32" (.094) and that screw is a 39-1. Measure threads if you have the shift housing version of the 50VSW because it's possible to have an early run reel with the thinner screw in the shift housing.

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