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25-50ViSSP VIS Molded Knob Assembly KIT

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Knob is approx 4 3/8' long

Fits Reels:

See dropdown menu for complete list.

10 Piece Assembly Includes:

    (1) 24C-50VIS CAP
    (2) 24S-50VIS SCREWS
    (1) 25-50VIS HANDLE KNOB
    (2) 63A-50 SCREW, LONG
    (1) 91-50VIS RIVET


There are 2 of the 63C-50VIS washers included in this kit. The VI and VIS reels will only need one. The extra washer is for the older other models of Penn Reels that used the 91N-50 rivet, where the handle blade might be a little thinner and therefore may need the extra washer to get the 91-50VIS rivet to line up properly on the older handle blade. Pictures show the handle knob assembly, the kit laid out to show all of the parts, and a example of use for one or two of the 63C washers.

LOCTITE ON THE SCREWS: If you have trouble installing the two 63A-50 long screws because of the loctite on them? Working the screws back and forth usually clears some of the loctite, or you can use a wire brush to gently remove some of the loctite from the threads to resolve the fit.

Kit by from the Penn parts.

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See more details tab above to read about other reels and this kit

Can you use this knob on OTHER Penn international reels?

Yes and No.

NOTE about 16VIS reels: I did testing trying to put the larger 25-50VIS onto a 24-16VISX handle. It does NOT fit. The #91-16VIS rivet is skinnier than the inside of the shaft on the 25-50VIS knob, so it's too loose, which would destroy the handle if used. The correct diameter 91-50VIS rivet cannot be used on the 24-16VISX handle blade as the connecting point is too large, so that is not a solution. Sorry! ~Mo, Parts Dept.

91N-50 and 91-50VIS rivets DO have the same size connecting point.

Reels that already have either the 91N-50 or 91-50VIS rivets in them CAN use the 25-50VIS knob but other parts will also need to be changed, so see the 25-50VISSP kit that we put together for that substitution.

91-50VIS fits: 20VISX, 20VISXS, 30VISW, 30VISWS, 30VISX, 30VISXS, 30VIW, 30VIWS, 50VISW, 50VISWS, 50VISX, 50VISXS, 50VIW, 50VIWS, 70VIS, 70VISS, 80VISW, 80VISWS, 130VIS, 130VISS
91N-50 fits: 10KG, 10LD, 130VSX, 15KG, 15LD, 24KG, 30S, 30SW, 30T, 30TW, 30VSW (Newer), 30VSW (Older), 30VSX, 30VW (Older), 30VW (Newer), 50S, 50SW, 50T, 50TW, 50VSW (Newer), 50VSW (Older), 50VSX, 50VW, 70VS-After, 80VSW, GLD20, GLD20ii, GLD30, GLD30ii, GLD50ii
The above reels can use the 25-50VISSP Handle Knob kit
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12/21/2023 Got it! Its perfect. Thank you so much. It was just on a whim that I even searched for this part. Hard to believe that I could get a reel part for a reel that is 30 plus years old. Thanks again,
Todd M
1/16/2024 Comprehensive parts list, easy to order, and prompt service. I will definitely use them again.
Lin R.
1/4/2024 Quite a few years doing business with great folks. Simply the best. Thanks for your commitment to the business 👍