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Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.

Not all of the reels use the same stud/nut sets with this clamp
so be careful when matching up individual pieces.

Interchangeable Thick Clamps

In this size:

33-113 Graphite
33N-113 Graphite with side ring
33-16VS Cast Iron alloy with side ring
33-TRQ Aluminum(Black)
33-TRQS Aluminum(Silver)

See schematics of each reel to find the default clamp info.


For larger reels we recommend using the iron or aluminum clamps
as they are stronger under torque/pressure than the graphite, therefore we are not linking the GRAPHITE clamps to any of the international reels larger than a 300LD or 975 baitcast.
Reels list below for studs/nuts updated 8/28/2022

Penn Old SKU #: 33-TRQS
Penn New SKU #: 033-1365544▲
Our Price: $8.50 EACH
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