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Troll-Master AR-2000 Seahorse Manual Downrigger System

Price: $325.00


  • SKUTRO AR-2000
  • Part #TMA120DRS


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This is the Penn Fathom Master Manual Downrigger Replacement everyone has been waiting for! The Seahorse Downrigger is identical to the old Penn Downriggers, and is compatible with the old Penn Downrigger accessories as well as the new Troll-Master Downrigger accessories.

The Seahorse® downrigger system is designed to make controlled depth trolling easy. It enables fisherman to place bait or lures to the desired depth and maintain that depth while trolling. Seahorse® downriggers are made following a proven design that have earned its reputation for solid, dependable performance in both fresh and salt water environments and is recognized by many anglers around the world.

Built with the strongest and corrosion resistant components, the Seahorse® downrigger will serve a lifetime of deep water trolling in fresh and salt water. Offering a reliable performance for any game in varied waters, it is built to handle weather and elements. Designed for ease of use, the drag system allows for one hand operation when lowering or stopping the downrigger weight.

The drag system lets cable pay out if the weight snags on the bottom, and for added safety, the crank handle does not turn while the weight descends. Precise depth meter mechanism allows anglers to return to the specific depth where the fish have been caught.

Backed by Troll-Master’s 10 year warranty, the Seahorse® Downrigger is an ideal system for deep-water trolling.

Pre-Spooled Cable (FT/LB) Gear Ratio Line Retrieve (IN) Weight (OZ)
200/140 1:1 20 118
  • Universal Swivel Base Accessory

    Adjustable Swivel Base (AR-1021)

    Seahorse® Swivel Base rotates a complete 360° circle and locks in 36 different positions allowing the user to pick virtually any angle for the downrigger. This feature allows for effortless re-positioning of the downrigger boom inboard for rigging, docking, or towing.

    • Heavy duty design
    • Made to withstand weather elements, UV, and corrosion.
    • Easy one finger lock operation
    • Designed to work with Seahorse®, Penn®, and Cannon® downriggers. (With appropriate fixed bases)
  • Extended Boom Accessory

    Extended Boom Accessory (AR-1080)

    This downrigger boom extension kit enables you to convert your standard 24 inch boom into a 46 inch boom. Extending the length of the boom on your downrigger will result in the following advantages:

    • Ensure greater clearance between the vessel and the trolling gear
    • Increase area coverage when used off the side of the boat (Like an outrigger setup)
    • Easier to manage when fishing with multiple downriggers
    • Greater distance between lines allows for better boat maneuverability
  • Gimbal Mount Accessory

    Gimbal Mount Accessory (PR-1030)

    Gimbal mount adapter provides anglers with a great alternative to the conventional bolt-through mounting solutions by using the boat's existing flush mount rod holders.

    • The mount is 9½ inches long and 1½ inches in diameter
    • Manufactured out of marine grade aluminum
    • Black anodized finish
    • Fits Seahorse®, Penn®, and Cannon® mounting patterns (With appropriate fixed bases)

More than just a dealer!

Parts Source - In addition to selling the Seahorse Downrigger and its accessories, we also sell all of the replacement parts for them. All of the parts needed to repair this downrigger are kept in stock. Click Here to buy parts for the Troll-Master Seahorse AR-2000 Downrigger.

Click Here To View the Seahorse AR-2000 Owners Manual

Installation Instructions

Seahorse® Downriggers can be installed in a variety of ways such as fixed installation, adjustable swivel installation or gimbal mount Installation. Troll-Master offers a wide variety of accessories to assist with different installation methods. Please carefully select the mounting position for your downrigger and make sure that it is easily accessible for operation of the downrigger. The top surface of the mounting base has a raised ridge on one end. The purpose is to center the downrigger directly above the backing nut so the hold-down knob can be tightened down into the base plate. Please allow at least 4 1/2 inches of clearance between the front of the base and any obstruction such as cleats, navigation lights etc. It is recommended that all 4 mounting screws are bolted through the mounting surface and secured with lock nuts on the other side. Please be sure that the backing nut is inserted inside the base prior to tightening the mounting nuts. Depending on the thickness and strength of the mounting surface, a backing plate or larger washers may be required. Troll-Master offers a "Deep Reach" hardware kit (Product KN-4005) in case the mounting bolts are too short for your particular application.


Troll-Master Inc warrants to the original purchaser any defect in material or workmanship for the period of 10 years since the date of the original retail purchase. Troll Master Inc will either repair or replace the product free of charge.

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Troll-Master Inc. is committed to the development and manufacturing of the high quality parts and accessories for the fishing industry. Our goal is to deliver a good product at a competitive price while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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12/21/2023 Got it! Its perfect. Thank you so much. It was just on a whim that I even searched for this part. Hard to believe that I could get a reel part for a reel that is 30 plus years old. Thanks again,
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1/16/2024 Comprehensive parts list, easy to order, and prompt service. I will definitely use them again.
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