99 Silver Beach REEL SPECS  

REEL INFO:  The Silver Beach reel is the perfect all arouind reel for casting and trolling. This model is equipped with two interchangeable spools, giving the fisherman two different line capacities in one reel. With the lightweight plastic spool the reel has a line capacity of 200 yds. No. 9 and is ideal for surfcasting and squidding. Change in a jiffy to the heavy-duty metal spool, the reel has a line capacity of 200 yds No. 12 and you have an excellent reel for trolling. (1950 Penn Catalog)

HISTORY: This was the successor to the 97 and 98 Silver Beach models. Unlike the 1940's models, this had a brass and a plastic spool, rather than two metal spools.

Name/Series: 99 Silver Beach  


    Frame is made of nickel-silver and chromium-plated
    Plates are bakelite in early models, poly in newer
    Diameter of reel 3 1/18".
    Spool 2 1/8" wide.
    One Brass, One Plastic Spool
    Gear Ratio is 3 to 1 for fast action.
    Combination Surf and Boat Reel
    Easy-Take-Apart Feature
    Extra Interchangeable Spool
    Was available in a 99LH left hand model.

Take Apart Construction

The term "Take-Apart" refers to the feature of quick and easy take-down of the reel for cleaning or spool change. To effect this, unscrew the knurled take-apart screw ( part TA 200 ) three turns to the left and then pull it outward ( away from plate ), at the same time rotate the right side plate about 1/4 inch to the left ( counter-clockwise ) and pull it away from the reel frame, taking care not to drop the freed spool. To re-assemble, reverse the entire operation, making sure to screw the take-apart screw into the reel frame, as otherwise the right side plate might be lost.
TA-200 became 129-200


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