285M Delmar REEL SPECS  

REEL INFO: Bay & Shore series - Reels for the budget-conscious angler. Each is a genuine value. Simple, strong and durable, these models are ideal for boat, pier and bay fishing. Catch your next meal with a Penn reel!(1995 Penn Catalog)

HISTORY: The first 285 "Delmar" reel was equipped with a reinforced plastic spool, which was soon replaced with a metal version. Unlike other reels however, the Delmar was never outfitted with an aluminum spool; Even the 1995 version of this model featured a stainless steel spool.

Name/Series: 285 Delmar, Bay & Shore Series..


    High capacity, deluxe stainless steel spool.
    Chrome plated exposed parts.
    Early reels had a precision machine cut stainless steel pinion gear (13-60) and bronze alloy main gear.
    Later reels had bronze pinion gear 13-85 and bronze alloy main gear.
    HT-100 washer.
    Counterbalanced handle.
    Heavy duty clicker system.



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