Senator Series REEL SPECS  

Senator 112 - Some of the highly respected of the many types of reels used by charter boat captains and fishermen for light tackle game fishing are the Senator light tackle reels. Providing the best in design, materials and performance essential to light tackle fishing success and pleasure. ((1997 Penn Catalog)
Special Senator 112H - Combining the toughness of the legendary Penn Senator reel with higher gear ratios, the Penn Special Senator gives serious saltwater anglers the best of both worlds: power and speed. Penn Special Senators are ready for your next challenge, whether trolling, casting or bottom fishing. ((2005 Penn Catalog)
HISTORY: The Penn senator was one of Penn's first series. Two seperate Senator series were made at first: One for big game trolling, and one for light tackle fishing. In the early 60's the "Special Senators" were added to the series; reels for fast light tackle game fishing with extra power and a higher gear ratio. In the late 80's the Senator II high speed casting models were added to the Senator-family, and the remaining original big game Senators were replaced by new models. Most of the original big game and light tackle models are not manufactured anymore, but many of the later additions can still be bought today.

Name/Series: Senator Light Tackle Trolling and Senator Special (112H)

112 Construction:

    Hard steel gears.
    End plates with chrome plated double rings.
    Free spool clutch.
    One-shot lubricating system.
    Equipped with "safety" rod clamps.

112H Construction:

    Precision machined stainless steel pinion gears.
    High strength manganese-bronze alloy main gears.
    Double metal ring reinforced side plates.
    High strength graphite composite rod clamp.
    Corrosion resistant exposed metal parts.
    Multi-disc star drag system.
    Power handles, convertible, left hand model available for 112H, 113H, 114H.
    Heavy duty clicker.



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