Model Specs:

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  • Machinetech gears.
  • Eight Stainless Steel Ball Bearings.
  • One Infinite Anti-Reverse Roller Bearing.
  • Long-Cast Machined Aluminum Spool.
  • Lightweight Graphite Body.
  • Infinite anti-reverse.
  • Techno-Balanced™ Rotor gives smooth retrieves, even with high cranking speeds.
Mono Cap
Gear Ratio Line Retrieve
220/6 5.2:1 26
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Many of these parts will become unavailable in the future.
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1-2000CV2 In Stock 1-2000CV2 1-2000CV2 Housing $14.00 More Info
1A-2000CV2 In Stock 1A-2000CV2 1A-2000CV2 Insert, Housing $1.15 More Info
8-2000CV2 In Stock 8-2000CV2 8-2000CV2 Gear, Main Gear $3.95 More Info
8A-2000CV2  Discontinued. Still In Stock. Limit 2 8A-2000CV2 8A-2000CV2 Shim, Main Gear Shim (uses 1 or 2)


$0.85 More Info
15-2000CV2 Discontinued. Still In Stock 15-2000CV2 15-2000CV2 Handle Assembly $10.65 More Info
19-2000CV2 In Stock 19-2000CV2 19-2000CV2 Gear, Pinion Gear $3.00 More Info
20-2000CV2 Discontinued. Still In Stock 20-2000CV2 20-2000CV2 Bearing, Ball, for Housing $3.05 More Info
20A-2000CV2 In Stock 20A-2000CV2 20A-2000CV2 Bearing, Ball, for Housing Cover $4.00 More Info
20B-2000CV2 In Stock 20B-2000CV2 20B-2000CV2 Bearing, Ball, for Pinion $5.60 More Info
21-2000CV2 In Stock 21-2000CV2 21-2000CV2 Retainer, Bearing Retainer $0.70 More Info
21A-2000CV2 Discontinued. Still In Stock. Limit 2 21A-2000CV2 21A-2000CV2 Screw, Bearing Retainer Screw (uses 3) $0.85 More Info
22-2000CV2 In Stock 22-2000CV2 22-2000CV2 Collar $0.85 More Info
23-2000CV2 Discontinued. Still In Stock. Limit 5 23-2000CV2 23-2000CV2 Screw, Side Cover Screw (uses 2) $1.00 More Info
24-2000CV2 In Stock 24-2000CV2 24-2000CV2 Bail Wire $4.00 More Info
27-2000CV2 In Stock 27-2000CV2 27-2000CV2 Rotor Cup $5.95 More Info
27A-2000CV2 In Stock 27A-2000CV2 27A-2000CV2 Cover, Bail Pivot Cover $1.05 More Info
27W-2000CV2 In Stock 27W-2000CV2 27W-2000CV2 Washer, Rotor $0.70 More Info
28-2000CV2 In Stock 28-2000CV2 28-2000CV2 Trip Lever $0.90 More Info
28A-2000CV2 In Stock 28A-2000CV2 28A-2000CV2 Trip Lever Link $0.90 More Info
29-2000CV2 Discontinued. Still In Stock. Limit 2 29-2000CV2 29-2000CV2 Spring


$0.85 More Info
31-2000CV2 In Stock 31-2000CV2 31-2000CV2 Screw, Bail Arm Screw $0.85 More Info
31A-2000CV2 Discontinued. Still In Stock. Limit 2 31A-2000CV2 31A-2000CV2 Bail Wire Screw $1.00 More Info
32-2000CV2  Discontinued. Still In Stock. Limit 2 32-2000CV2 32-2000CV2 Spring, Bail Spring $1.05 More Info
34-2000CV2 In Stock 34-2000CV2 34-2000CV2 Arm, Bail Arm $2.00 More Info
34C-2000CV2 In Stock 34C-2000CV2 34C-2000CV2 Arm, Pivot Arm $0.85 More Info
35-2000CV2  Discontinued. Still In Stock. Limit 2 35-2000CV2 35-2000CV2 Line Roller $1.00 More Info
35A-2000CV2 Discontinued. Not Available 35A-2000CV2 35A-2000CV2 Bearing, Ball, for Line Roller (uses 2)
Direct product replacement: 35A-2000CV Bearing, Line Roller Bearing $4.45
More Info
36-2000CV2 In Stock 36-2000CV2 36-2000CV2 Screw, Bail Stud Screw $0.95 More Info
38-2000CV2 In Stock 38-2000CV2 38-2000CV2 Nut, Rotor Cup Nut $0.55 More Info
38A-2000CV2 In Stock 38A-2000CV2 38A-2000CV2 Screw, Rotor Nut Screw $0.70 More Info
39-2000CV2 In Stock 39-2000CV2 39-2000CV2 Shaft, Spool Shaft $4.80 More Info
40A-2000CV2 In Stock 40A-2000CV2 40A-2000CV2 Washer, Spool Shaft Washer $0.70 More Info
40B-2000CV2 In Stock 40B-2000CV2 40B-2000CV2 Ratchet, Click Ratchet $0.70 More Info
43-2000CV2 In Stock 43-2000CV2 43-2000CV2 Block, Crosswind Block $2.00 More Info
43A-2000CV2 In Stock 43A-2000CV2 43A-2000CV2 Plate, Crosswind Block Plate $1.50 More Info
43B-2000CV2 In Stock 43B-2000CV2 43B-2000CV2 Crosswind Plate Screw $0.55 More Info
44-2000CV2 In Stock 44-2000CV2 44-2000CV2 Plate, Crosswind Block Screw $0.55 More Info
45-2000CV2 In Stock 45-2000CV2 45-2000CV2 Cover, Housing Cover $3.00 More Info
46-2000CV2 In Stock 46-2000CV2 46-2000CV2 Screw, Housing Cover Screw
Used on multiple models in different quantities.
$0.70 More Info
46A-2000CV2 In Stock 46A-2000CV2 46A-2000CV2 Screw, Housing Cover Screw, Short $0.55 More Info
47-2000CV2 In Stock 47-2000CV2 47-2000CV2 Spool (Inc. Drags/Clicker) $15.00 More Info
51-2000CV2 Discontinued. Still In Stock. Limit 2 51-2000CV2 51-2000CV2 Ring, Retaining Ring $0.90 More Info
52-2000CV2 In Stock 52-2000CV2 52-2000CV2 Knob, Drag Knob


$3.85 More Info
56-2000CV2 Discontinued. Still In Stock 56-2000CV2 56-2000CV2 Washer, Drag, Friction Drag Washer (uses 3) $0.85 More Info
57-2000CV2 In Stock 57-2000CV2 57-2000CV2 Washer, Drag, Metal, Keyed Metal Drag Washer (uses 2) $0.70 More Info
58-2000CV2 In Stock 58-2000CV2 58-2000CV2 Washer, Drag, Metal Drag Washer, Earred $1.00 More Info
60-2000CV2 In Stock 60-2000CV2 60-2000CV2 Washer, Thrust Washer $0.70 More Info
98-2000CV2 In Stock 98-2000CV2 98-2000CV2 Clutch Bearing & Sleeve $9.00 More Info
132-2000CV2 In Stock 132-2000CV2 132-2000CV2 Washer, Line Roller Washer $0.95 More Info
132A-2000CV2 In Stock 132A-2000CV2 132A-2000CV2 Washer, Line Roller Washer $1.00 More Info
226-2000CV2 In Stock 226-2000CV2 226-2000CV2 Cap, Rear $0.80 More Info
226A-2000CV2 In Stock 226A-2000CV2 226A-2000CV2 Rear Cap Screw $0.55 More Info
227-2000CV2 In Stock 227-2000CV2 227-2000CV2 Bail Cam Cover $0.60 More Info
231-2000CV2 In Stock 231-2000CV2 231-2000CV2 Gear, Crosswind Gear $2.00 More Info
231A-2000CV2 In Stock 231A-2000CV2 231A-2000CV2 Bearing, Crosswind Gear Ball Bearing $4.00 More Info
233-2000CV2 In Stock 233-2000CV2 233-2000CV2 Cover, Bearing Cover


$2.00 More Info
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