Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.

NOTICE regarding this part on the 310GT/320GT original reels:

See part number 50N-320 to determine whether you have older or newer shield.

OPEN SLOT FROM ONE END TO THE OTHER: This is the newer shield which is completely open from one end to the other (50N-310 or 50N-320 depending on your reel), which uses 44-330 and 43-330 bearings. If changing from old shield to the newer one, you must also change both of the worm bearings.
50N-320/50N-310 New shields uses 44-330 and 43-330 bearings on the 320GT reel.

CLOSED RINGS ON THE ENDS: If your current shield has closed ends with a slot cut down the middle, then you have the older version. ALL OF THE OLDER PARTS ARE DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
50-320/50-310 Older shields uses 44-320 and 43-320 bearings.

Penn Old SKU #: 43-330
Penn New SKU #: 043-1183384☀
Our Price: $1.70 EACH
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