Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.

This batch of stock has REFURBISHED caps with NEW bearings.


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This screen is for ordering the older style Left Side Cap with Bearing as shown on the right in the photo.
The original 103-116 short cap with text (26-116) has been discontinued and replaced with 103N-116 tall cap blank (26N-116).

This will not fit in the older style plate or spool that used the screw in style bushing/bearing to the left in the photo.

Design change notes for some reels

IMPORTANT! FOR 115L 9/0 REELS: 115L Design Change for Right Side Bearing, Spool, Side Plate.
Older 115's used the screw in style 26-114 bushing/bearing.

IMPORTANT! FOR 116A 10/0 REELS: We don't have a page built for the 116A 10/0 reel, but it has a similar design change with an extra complication. Newer 26-116's are the push in cap with ball bearing in it. The older 26-116 was a screw in bushing/bearing with "26-116" stamped on the hex head. Penn changed the handle side plates and the bearing styles, but kept the same bearing number. or other auction sites might be the only place you will find the older style 26-116 that screws in.

Product Replaced

This product has been replaced.

Make sure to read the extra notes if you are replacing this on any of the 114H series reels
26N-116 Bearing with Cap, Ball Bearing, Handle Side
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Penn Old SKU #: 26-116
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