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23-60 Screw, Large

Price: $4.55


  • SKU23-60
  • Part #023-1181935☀
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Part number 23-60's primary use is as a handle nut screw

Fits Reels (23-60 handle nut):

6, 9M, 10, 12, 12H, 12LT, 12T, 12W, 25, 26, 27, 49L, 60, 65, 66, 67, 68, 99, 100M, 110, 111, 112, 112H, 113, 125, 130 (Sailfisher), 140L, 145, 146L, 149L, 150, 155L, 155L, 160L, 165, 180, 185 Seaboy, 190 Seaboy (1990+), 200M, 209LC, 209M, 210M, 249, 250, 259, 267, 268, 285M, 309M, 310GT, 310GT2, 310GT2LC, 350M, 500, 500S, 501, 505HS, 506HS

Fits Reels (23-60 eccentric screw):
114, 114H, 114HL, 114HLW, 114-LH, 115L, 116A, 116L, 117L, 118,
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12/21/2023 Got it! Its perfect. Thank you so much. It was just on a whim that I even searched for this part. Hard to believe that I could get a reel part for a reel that is 30 plus years old. Thanks again,
Todd M
1/16/2024 Comprehensive parts list, easy to order, and prompt service. I will definitely use them again.
Lin R.
1/4/2024 Quite a few years doing business with great folks. Simply the best. Thanks for your commitment to the business 👍