Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models in different quantities.

SCREW 4-40X .187 LONG
22-750 w/straight pan head
48B-750M w/phillips flat head

Maybe be interchangeable depending on the location in the individual reel model, the flat head would sit lower.
ON 450SS, 450SSg, 550SS, 550SSg, 4500SS, 5500SS:
Spool Click Screw (uses 1)
Crosswind Block Screw (uses 2)

ON 704, 705, 706, 440SS, 440SSg, 650SS, 650SSm, 750SS, 750SSm, 850SS, 850SSm, 4400SS, 6500SS, 7500SS, 8500SS:
Spool Click Screw (uses 1)

ON 260, 360, 460, 460L, 560, 560L, 4600L, 5600L:
Trip and Bail Pivot Cover Screws (uses 2)

ON 9500SS:
Drag Cover Screws (uses 3)

ON 747, 757:
Trip Bumper Screw (uses 1)
Penn Old SKU #: 22-750
Penn New SKU #: 022-1181922☀
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