• 183-114HL Black Aluminum Half-Frame, 114H Decal
  • NO bushings, requiring the self tapping screws in description

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Please Take Note:

The 183-114HL half frame is made from a one piece half-moon shaped piece of machined black aluminum.
Each side of the frame has seven holes for the 39-114 and 38-114 self-tapping thread screws.
The holes on this frame version do NOT have bushings.
Seven screw holes in each side of the frame means it is compatible with both five hole and eight hole chrome trim rings.
Heavy duty 34-50T studs and light duty 34-10KG studs fit this 183-114HL aluminum half-frame.
Penn Old SKU #: 183-114HL
Penn New SKU #: 183-183-114HL
Our Price: $75.00 EACH
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