Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.

Kit Contains:
183-113HLW Frame
50-113HLW Frame Cover Post
[14] 39-9 Screws, to replace the original shorter stand screws on either side of the reel.

Kit above converts the older 113HLW with bars/posts to the half frame version.

Convert the 113H or 113HL the Wide Version

If you want to convert a regular width 113H or 113HL to the wider 113HLW version, you will also need the wide spool.
You can select that below, if needed.

Penn Old SKU #: 183-113HLWSP
Penn New SKU #: 183-1192405
Our Price: $60.75 KIT
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Spool to Convert 113H or 113HL to 113HLW
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