• 3-112HPRO Bridge, SS with Double Dogs (Sleeve NOT included) (Custom)
  • NOTE: Bridge DOES NOT include the sleeve, order separately!

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Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.

Aftermarket Part - Not Manufactured by Penn

Pro Challenger's Custom 112H Bridge

  • - Machine cut bridge plate
  • - Gear sleeve does not include
  • - 416 Stainless steel with heat treated bridge plate
  • - Stainless steel right and left dogs
  • - Stainless steel machined gear sleeve post
  • - Stainless steel coil dog spring
** Some modifications are required on the OEM 112H side plate. For more info, please go to http://alantani.com/index.php?topic=12705.msg296024#msg296024
Accurate custom side plates with no alternation (just remove the existing dog)
Cortez Conversions custom side plates may need modification - ask Tom

NOTE: If using this for the China made H2 reels, if you have also converted to the 98-60PRO SS sleeve, you must also change the handle to one of the compatible older style handles in the Type A section as the double stepped gear sleeve and H2 handle holes are a different shape and are NOT compatible with this type of sleeve:


Customizing of this reel requires modifications to the side plate!
  1. REMEMBER: Remove the original dog and dog spring from the reel as you will not be using them.
  2. Bridge screws need to be screwed in a little at a time in order for the bridge to line up correctly.
  3. Images showing how to customize the OEM Penn side plate so that you can install the double dog system.
    Requires a grinding tool. Notes are by Sal, who helped Alan C. at Pro Challengar with the design and testing.
    Sal: "To make the custom bridge work it requires a little grinding as I'm showing with the arrows"
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    Sal: "It's approx.3/8" on the right and about 1/8" on the left.
    Considering how easy everything else would follow, I personally could deal with it, but not sure about the rest of you guys.
    Also, keep in mind these small details could be ironed out when the aluminum plates become available.
    The screws line up perfectly after the minor grinding and everything is working nicely."

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    Alantani.com thread on the topic: http://alantani.com/index.php?topic=12705.msg296024#msg296024
  4. With 10 teeth on ratchet (98-60PRO Custom SS) dogs will work simultaneously.
    NOTE for 10 Tooth SS Sleeves: If you use 10 tooth sleeve on this 112H bridge, it will be alternate dogging. Please see the 2nd picture above where the dogs are shown with the 10 tooth 98-60pro sleeve.
    With 8 teeth (Standard 98-60 or 98-60AT Custom SS) the two dogs will alternate. Both types of sleeves will function with the bridge.


If you want the optional 10 tooth SS sleeve for your reel, please check it off below before adding the bridge to your cart!
With 10 teeth on ratchet dogs will work simultaneously. With 8 teeth the two dogs will alternate. Again, both types of sleeves will function with the bridge.
112H USES OPTIONAL SS SLEEVE 98-60PRO SS (10 Tooth), 98-60AT SS (8 Tooth) or Standard 98-60 Brass (8 Tooth)
Penn Old SKU #: 3-112HPRO
Penn New SKU #: 3-112H-PRO
Our Price: $59.99 EACH
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