Custom Sleeves Replacing: 98-116

This section is for all of the custom stainless steel sleeve options currently available for this sleeve size which is the Penn #98-116.


NOTE: I have also linked the matching drag stars to this section for convenience. Currently we only stock the standard Penn drag stars. ~Mo
Availability SKU Name Our Price  
98-116PRO In Stock 98-116PRO 98-116PRO Sleeve, Gear Sleeve 8 Tooth (Includes Pin) 416 Stainless (CUSTOM) $41.00 More Info
98-116CC In Stock 98-116CC
98-116 SS
98-116CC Sleeve, Gear Sleeve (comes with pin) (Stainless) (CUSTOM)
Aftermarket Part - Not Manufactured by Penn
$39.00 More Info
98-116FW In Stock 98-116FW
98-116FW Sleeve, Gear Sleeve 8 Tooth (Includes Pin) 304 Stainless (CUSTOM) $39.95 More Info
10-116 In Stock 10-116
10-116 Star Drag Wheel $31.20 More Info
  List of [TYPE D] Handles Compatible to these sleeve
Handle Cross Reference
We've had quite a few requests along the lines of "Can you tell me what other handle will fit my reel?" over the past few years, so our tech took the time to put together a cross reference of handles to bridges, assigning a letter type to each corresponding bridge/sleeve and handle. You can use this info to find the handle you would prefer for your reel.
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