Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.

Cam Housing Screw (uses 2) on:
16S, 30S, 30T, 30TW, 80ST, 80STW

Counter Balance Weight Screw (uses 1) on:
440SSg, 450SSg, 550SSg

Click Plate Retaining Screw (uses 1) on:
50VSX, 50VSW (Older), 70VS-Before, 70VS-After

Housing Plate Screw (uses 3) AND Bail Release Saddle Screw (uses 2) on:
704, 705

Gear Retaining Screw (uses 2) on:
130S, 130ST

Housing/Trip Cam Retaining Screw (uses 1) on:
420SS, 430SS, 440SS, 450SS, 550SS, 4300SS, 4400SS, 4500SS, 5500SS

Bearing Cover Retaining Screw (uses 3) on:
760, 760L

Non-Handle Side: Ring Screw (uses 3) AND Inner Spacer Screw (uses 3) on:

PC Mounting Board Screw (uses 4) on:
805-835 Downriggers
Penn Old SKU #: 46A-704
Penn New SKU #: 046A-1183586☀
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