Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.

On 955, 965, 975, 975LD, 975CS 975CSLD: Left Side Plate Short Screw

On TRQ15LD2G, TRQ25NLD2G, TRQ30LD2G, TRQ40NLD2G: Cover Screw (uses 4)

On TRQ100LD and TRQ300LD: Drag Cover Screw (uses 4)

On 525GS, 525MAG, 525MAGT: Right Side Plate Screw
For the 525MAG REELS ONLY: The older reels used the fine threaded 39S-965.
Later models use the coarse threaded 39-525
To figure out which one your reel uses, here is a comparison photo:

Penn Old SKU #: 39S-965
Penn New SKU #: 1183261
Our Price: $1.70 EACH
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