Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models in different quantities.

Screw, For Ring (uses 4)
515MAG2, 525MAG2, SQL12, SQL15
NOTE: On Rev. 0 of these schematics, there was key #39, part #39-525mag2
As of Rev. 2, this part is renumbered key #32A and part #32-310

Screw, Post, Frame (uses 4)
525GS, 525MAG, 525MAGT, 535GS, 535MAG, 545GS, 545MAG, 555GS

Screw, Ring, Non-Handle Side (uses 3)
330GT, 330GT2, 340GT2, 345GT2

Screw, Ring, Non-Handle Side, Lower (uses 2)
45GLS, 245LD, 246LD

Screw, Quadrant, Short (uses 1)

Screw, Plate (uses 7)
Penn Old SKU #: 32-310
Penn New SKU #: 1182722
Our Price: $1.15 EACH
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