Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models in different quantities.

(Uses 1:) Click Retaining Ring 6, 12, 12H, 12T, 12W, 955, 975CS, 975LD, 975CSLD, TRQ12B, TRQ12BEU, TRQ12G, TRQ15B, TRQ15BEU, TRQ15G, TRQ25NB, TREQ25NBEU, TRQ25NG, TRQ30B, TRQ30BEU, TRQ30G, TRQ40B, TRQ40BEU, TRQ40G

(Uses 1:) Trip Switch Clip TRQS5-B, TRQS5-G, TRQS7-G, TRQS9-B, TRQS9-G
  • Does not appear to be used on TRQS5-BBLS, TRQS7-BBLS, TRQS9-BBLS; these models are manual bail-less and do not have a trip switch.

  • (Uses 1:) Strike Button Clip 40GLS

    (Uses 2:) Click Retaining Ring 24KG

    (Uses 2:) Locating Pin Clips 16S, 20, 20T, 30, 30S, 30T, 30TW, 50, 50T, 50TW, 50W, 50VSW (Older), 80 (Int.), 80T, 80TW, 80W

    (Uses 2:) Pin / Strike Button Clips 10KG, 10LD, 15KG, 15LD, 25GLS, 45GLS, 225LD, 245LD, 246LD, 320LD, 330LD, FTH15LD2, FTH25NLD2, FTH30LD2, FTH40NLD2, FTH60LD2, GLD20, GLD20ii, GLD30, GLD30ii, GLD50ii, SQL16VSLD2, SQL30VSWLD2, SQL50VSWLD2

    (Uses 1-3:) (1) Click Retaining Ring & (2) Pin / Strike Button Clips TRQ15LD2G, TRQ15LD2S, TRQ25NLD2G, TRQ25NLD2S, TRQ30LD2G, TRQ30LD2S, TRQ40NLD2G, TRQ40NLD2S, TRQ60LD2G, TRQ60LD2S
  • Earlier Rev 03 Schematics previously listed using (3); Rev 05 Schematics now lists using only (1) for the Clicker and (2) 52-910 for the Pin / Strike Button Clips (Similar Design, probably interchangeable)

  • (Uses 3:) (1) Click Retaining Ring & (2) Pin / Strike Button Clips SQL30LD, SQL40LD, SQL40LDLH, SQL50LD, SQL60LD, SQL60LDLH

    (Uses 3:) (2) Locating Pin Clips & (1) Retaining Clip for Plunger Cap 30SW, 50S, 50SW, 80S, 80SW, 80ST, 80STW

    (Uses 3:) (2) Locating Pin Clips & (1) Click Retaining Ring 12LT

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