Change to plunger style clicker system and ergonomic housing
Was revised in the newer models manufactured since 6/13/08.
These changes can be applied to the older reels if wished.

How do you tell which version you have?

The quickest way to tell if you have an original run reel or one made after the design changes is to look at the housing and the left side ring. The original ring is completely flat. The newer 28N-330 ring is concave.

Once you open the reel up the design change in the clicker is more obvious. See the schematic for parts comparison.


Converting to the new design is completely optional. The older system will work. You might have to make the conversion only if we run out of older parts and you need one that's missing for repairs. To order the conversion kit, just add qty of kits and add to cart.

Penn Old SKU #: 330GT
Our Price: $51.05

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