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NOTES: By Tom O'Dell

The 130 drags are unique, but I discovered that a little bit of elbow-grease will make Jigmaster drags work just fine. The original 130 drags have the nearly the same outside diameter 24.44mm (.962) as (Jigmaster #6-309 drags - 24.59mm) but the inside diameter is slightly larger - 10.95mm (Jigmasters are 10.76mm). I was able to easily file the inside hole of the metal washers to make them fit. It's easier to use a knife to scrape away at the center hole of the HT-100 drag washers to make it larger. This reel will take a stack of five drag washers (five metal and five HT-100).

I used two 7-500 and three 86-500 metal washers along with the five 6-309 modified drag washers. The metal washers had to have the center hole enlarged also but not a lot. The original 86-130 metal drags had a center hole of .444 inches. 86-500 metal washers have a center hole of .431 inches. Of course someone could simply use the original brass washers but I have always been told that I should only use stainless steel washers with the HT-100 drags.

There are two different designs of this reel: Standard design with internal drags similar to most Penn reels; and a model with external access to drags as found on some generations of Senator reels. The external drag model has a pressure plate and shorter spacing sleeve, both parts are unique to the model 130. Both versions take the same number of metal and drag washers: 5 metal and 5 drag washers


    (5) 6-309 Washer, Drag, HT-100®
    (2) 7-500 Round Eared Metal Drag Washer
    (3) 86-500 Washer, Drag, Metal, Round Keyed Metal Drag Washer

    Or you can buy complete kit:
    KIT6-130SAIL Complete UNMODIFIED Drag Washer Kit for Sailfisher

    (You will have to do the modifications described in the notes here)

ALSO: Option for Replacing Eccentric Lever
The eccentric lever was 21-130SAIL, which is discontinued. The 21-49 does work but it stands out from the side plate a little too far. It is extremely easy to put the 21-49 into a vise (protected by cardboard) and give it a slight bend. Then it looks just like the original after being installed.

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Drag Washers
(See instructions for filing down).

Eccentric Lever