AS OF 2009:

Penn changed the design on the reel. They redesigned the Left Side Bearing, and modified the Left Side Plate to accommodate the design. It is similar to the change they made to the 114H reels - and in fact the bearings used are the same as in the older/newer 114H reels, see sample 114H image to the left showing the difference in bearings and the plate sockets.

AS OF 2009:

If you have the NEWER 40-114HL Left Side Bearing as shown on the right in the photo, your reel is the newer design.

If you have the OLDER 40-114H Left Side Bearing as shown on the left in the photo, your reel is the older design. The newer bearing is NOT compatible with the older plate.

NOTE: Even older first run generation of the 115 reel with the old 3 pc spool with "hubs" on the shaft, had bearing 40-114 on the non-handle side (check for part number). Click See what vintage spool looks like. The older chromed hub spool will NOT work with ANY of the newer side plates and bearings as the shafts were different.

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