REEL INFO: Graph-Lite Lever Drag - Formula KG/LD series reels have evolved into the new Penn Graph-Lite Lever Drag Series. The same great performance anglers have come to trust in the formula series have been incorporated into these reels. In addition, these reels feature satin finish graphite and brushed metal for improved long-term appearance; as well as easy to understand line class designation. Two-speed and single speed models are available for your individual fishing preferences. (2005 Penn Catalog)

HISTORY:  The Graph-Lite Lever Drag series replaced the Formula series which included models such as the 10KG and 15LD. The Formula series themselves were only manufactured for 4 years, from 2001, starting with the 10KG and the 15KG, to 2004, when the Formula reels were discontinued by Penn. The GLD single speed reels were discontinued in 2007

Name/Series: Graph-Lite Lever Drag


    Machined, anodized, aluminum spool.
    Four aircraft-grade, shielded, stainless steel ball bearings.
    Lightweight graphite frame.
    Stainless steel reel stand.
    Powerful 120 angle drag quadrant.
    Push-button shift system on all 2-speed models.


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