Erskine Signature BaitCast REEL SPECS  

These reels were manufactured by Jarvis Walker under the Penn Logo ( in Australia.
Parts might be obtained here:
There are no parts available for them in the USA.
We are just listing them for reference for those who coming looking for this particular reel.

The Jack Erskine Signature Low Profile baitcasting reel features 5 sealed Japanese made stainless steel ball bearings, alloy frame and side plates, alloy star drag wheel and USA made Carbontex drag washers. The reel has been designed specifically for Australian barra fishing where a reel with high drag settings is required.

27161 Erskine SignatureBaitcast140yds / 12lb 6.00:1$201 - $400PRO STORES, KMART

For more information about the Jarvis/Penn Australian reels, see their website:

THIS SCREEN IS NOT FOR ORDERING - It is just reference information.


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