155, 155M, 155L, 156, 160, 160M, 160L, 165, 165M, 165L
Beachmaster Reel Specs

REEL INFO: Beachmaster - Offering top features like super smooth star drags, light weight aluminum spools and powerful gearing systems - at popular prices. Each model is built with pride in the USA. A great choice for boat, bay and surf fishing for a wide range of medium gamefish such as flounder, weakfish, bluefish, bonito and tautog. (1995 Penn Catalog)

First built before 1941, this reel was not known as a beachmaster, but simply called a "light tackle casting reel". In the mid 50's Penn decided to put reels in named series with similar reels, and the Beachmaster series was born, featuring the 155, 160 and 165 models. Models 160 and 165 are similar, with the difference that the 165 lacked the star drag. There is a 156 model, but we have no information about that reel at this time.

Name/Series: Beachmaster


  • Reinforced side plates.
  • Chrome plated brass exposed metal componants.
  • Stainless steel pinion gear and a high strenth bronze alloy main gear.
  • HT-100® Multi-disc drag.
  • Loud, durable, clicker.
  • Counter-balanced handle.



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