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These reels were manufactured by Penn Fishing ( in the United Kingdom.
There are no parts available for them in the USA.
We are just listing them for reference for those who coming looking for this particular reel.

For more information about the UK/European reels, see their website:

Information from on this reel:

When it comes to fixed spool reels, spool design and line lay are everything. Extensive research and product testing at all stages of the design have given rise to what is now considered the ultimate surfcasting fixed spool reel.

Of course, these reels don’t only excel on the shore, they have found their way onto the boat scene too with great success. Many anglers prefer using the Surfmaster for their uptide fishing, simply because the reels cast like a dream, have exceptionally smooth and powerful drag systems, and are far easier to use on a rocking boat than a multiplier.

Each model features no less than seven Stainless Steel ball bearings, plus an anti-reverse bearing - so these reels feel super sensitive and silky smooth. The titanium-shielded, profiled line roller dramatically reduces line twist, which is one of the main areas of failure in many of our competitor’s products.

The balanced rotor prevents ‘reel wobble’ when retrieving, and the soft touch power handle helps provide the winding power you come to expect from all Penn reels. Each model comes complete with a free spare aluminium spool.

Whether you’re fishing at distance from a rocky headland for winter cod, or casting crab baits uptide into shallow water for smoothhounds, Surfmaster fixed spool reels will enhance your fishing experience no end.

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