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Grinding Gears:
Sometimes there is too much play on the main gear handle shaft which can result in the gears grinding. Some reels don't need a shim, others may need 1 to 3, it varies by each individual reel.
The shim(s) for this main gear are: 
8A-5000SG on these reels: BTLii5000, BTLii6000, CFT5000, CFT6000, FRC5000, FRC6000, FRCii5000, FRCii6000, FRCiii5000, FRCiii6000, SG5000, SG6000
8A-5000SG, 8B-PURiii5000, 8C-PURiii5000 on these reels: PURiii5000, PURiii6000, PURiV5000, PURiV6000
8A-7000PUR on these reels: BTL5000, BTL6000

Penn Old SKU #: 8-5000SG
Penn New SKU #: 008-1191019☘
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