Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models in different quantities.

Measurements: #12-24 UNC-2A X .750IN TRUSS
Secures the handle blade to the handle stud. Also referred to as a handle rivet screw.

This screw is used in different quantities and different ways
Handle Knob Screw (uses 1): 130VSX, GLD20, GLD20ii, GLD30, GLD30ii, GLD50ii

Handle Rivet Screw (uses 1): 10KG, 10LD, 15KG, 15LD, 24KG, 30S, 30SW, 30T, 30TW, 30VSW (Newer), 30VSW (Older), 30VSX, 30VW (Older), 30VW (Newer), 50S, 50SW, 50T, 50TW, 50VSW (Newer), 50VSW (Older), 50VSX, 50VW, 70VS-After, 80VSW

Handle Rivet Screw and Handle Knob Screw (uses 2): 20VISX, 20VISXS, 30VISW, 30VISW, 30VISWS, 30VISX, 30VISXS, 30VIW, 30VIWS, 50VISW, 50VISWS, 50VISX, 50VISXS, 50VIW, 50VIWS, 70VIS, 70VISS, 80VISW, 80VISWS, 130VIS, 130VISS
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