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Set of 8 Pieces

Kit Contains:
[1] 56-117 Rod Brace
[1] 56P-117 Rod Brace Pad
[2] 99-116 Hook, LH Threading, Long
[2] 165-116 Hook, RH Threading, Long
[2] 155-116 Turnbuckle

Turnbuckle and Screw Notes

If you are trying to replaced just the hooks in your setup and aren't sure which is which? I'm using -?? here with the prefix part numbers, as I'm putting these notes in all of the various 99/165/155/56 part screens..and there are different sizes depending on the reel and the braces.

Identify the hook type by thread direction on the hook. Hold the hook so the threaded end points down. Now, look at the threads:

#99-?? LH threads angle down towards your right and are turned counter-clockwise to tighten into the #155-?? turnbuckle. The #155 turnbuckle has a notch cut into the end of it where the LH threaded hook goes.

#165-?? RH threads angle down towards your left and are turned clockwise (righty tighty) to install in the #155-?? turnbuckle at the smooth end.

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