Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.

Compatibility Notice:
113H Fits Frame Posts with a clicker and Half Frame Versions.

Please Note the Following Change:

If your Senator Reel is of the original design, it will have the 27-113H side plate with a smaller
bearing hole and a notched metal ribbed collar; as shown on the right hand side of the photo of below.
The 27-113H requires the use of the part number 40-113H bearing assembly which
is discontinued from the manufacturer and no longer available to purchase.
The work-around for the discontinued part is to change both the side plate and the bearing assembly
to the next generation side plate part number 27N-113H and bearing assembly part number 40-113HL.

Please Take Note:

Part number 40-113HL is a serviceable bearing assembly.
The bearing assembly has a knurled ring designed with a gap enabling it to be
pried out with a little twist from small flat head screw driver or lifted out with a
hook or pick tool.
Replace the ball bearing with Penn part number 55-113H.
See "Related Products" below to order just the bearing.
Penn Old SKU #: 40-113HL
Penn New SKU #: 040-1183271☀
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