Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models in different quantities.

#5-40 X .625 LG #4 OV BR/CR (039 009)

49L, 49L-LH, 349, 349H, 349HC: Right/Left Side Post Screw (uses 12)
25GLS, 225LD: Left Side Post Screw (uses 2)
40GLS, 45GLS, 245LD, 246LD: Left Side Post Screw (uses 3)
140L, 145, 146L, 505HS, 506HS: Left Side Post Screw (uses 4)
110: Right/Left Side Post Screw (uses 8)
140L-LH, 111, 112, 259: Right Side Post Screw (uses 4)
112H, 113HL, 113HLW, 113H, 113HSP, 113H-LH (Post Versions): Handle Side Post Screw (uses 5)
113HL, 113HLW (Frame Versions): Right/Left Side Frame Screw (uses 16)
113H, 113HSP (Frame Versions) : Right/Left Side Frame Screw (uses 10)
113: Right/Left Side Post Screw (uses 10) and Left Side Stand Screw (uses 3)
113-LH: Right/Left Side Post Screw (uses 10) and Right Side Stand Screw (uses 3)
Penn Old SKU #: 39-9
Penn New SKU #: 039-1183182♦
Our Price: $1.15 EACH
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