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Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.

Set Contains:
(1) 33-114 Metal Rod Clamp
(2) 34C-50T Stud with Acorn Nuts
(1) 168-50 Wrench
(1) 168-115 Wrench
(1) 168A-70 Wrench

IMPORTANT NOTE: For 30SW, 30TW reel owners, make sure to measure your existing studs, or the threaded hole in the stand, due to earlier version 34-30T which was only 7/32" diameter. This kit is not compatible with that stand due to the difference in thread size.
Penn Old SKU #: 33C-30TW
Penn New SKU #: 033C-1182769▭
Our Price: $25.30 KIT
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