Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.

Compatibility Notice:
114 Fits Frame Posts Version.
114H Fits Frame Posts Version.
    This item is used on multiple reels and with different combinations of studs and nuts. Studs and nuts can be purchased singly. Stud with nut can be purchased singly, or in a pair with the clamp to make a complete set. Some reels have notes about reel variations.

This is the screen for ordering the 33-114 Rod Clamp, Metal ONLY

Schematic for 30T states that 33-114 fits the reel but it does not fit.
The 33-990 is the perfect fit for the 30T reel.

Original 33-114 Chrome finish is Discontinued, Not Available.
Penn has replaced them with 33-114 Stainless Steel finish, which is virtually the same, just a different finish.

Penn Old SKU #: 33-114
Penn New SKU #: 033-1182755▲
Our Price: $7.15 EACH
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