Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models in different quantities.

(Uses 1) Housing Bearing:
BTLii1000, BTLiii1000
SG3000, SG4000

(Uses 1) Lower Pinion Bearing:
BTL2000, BTL3000, BTL4000

(Uses 1) Upper Pinion Bearing:
FRCiii2000, FRCiii2500, FRCiii2500LL
FRCiV2000, FRCiV2500, FRCiV2500LL

(Uses 2) (1) Lower Pinion Bearing & (1) Housing Bearing:
BTLii3000, BTLii4000, BTLiii3000, BTLiii3000DX, BTLiii4000, BTLiii4000DX, BTLiii4000HS
CFT3000, CFT4000
PAS3000, PAS4000
PURiV3000, PURiV4000

(Uses 3) (2) Upper & Lower Pinion Bearings & (1) Housing Bearing:
BTLii2000, BTLii2500, BTLiii2000, BTLiii2500, BTLiii2500DX
CFT2000, CFT2500

(Uses 3) (1) Lower Pinion Bearing & (2) Housing Bearings:
SSVi3500, SSVi4500, SSVi4500BLS, SSVi4500LL

(Uses 4) (2) Upper & Lower Pinion Bearings & (2) Housing Bearings:
SSVi2500, SSVi2500LL

  SSVi Series Notes

  rev00: SSVi2500LL had an error in schematic. The correct key #20 ball bearing is 20-CFT3000 [1308050]
  (not the 20A-CLA3000 which DOES NOT FIT anywhere in the SSVi2500LL)

  rev00: SSVi4500LL had an error in schematic. Key#20 on their schematic listed as 20A-CLA3000 (DOES NOT FIT) in four places. This is not correct, it is too small!
  On SSVi4500LL Upper Pinion Bearing is 20A-CFT3000 [1308051]. The Lower Pinion Bearing and the two Housing Bearings are 20-CFT3000 [1308050]

Penn Old SKU #: 20-CFT3000
Penn New SKU #: 020-1308050☀
Our Price: $5.70 EACH
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