• 183-114 Graphite Half Frame, 114 Decal
  • Note brass bushings

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Please Take Note:

The 183-114 graphite half-frame has a scooped out edge which uses a 37M-114 thinner
post for a line guard which is included with this housing. The housing has four screw
holes on each side that use the 39-13 machine threaded side plate screws.
The original top post of a reel is still used with this housing. If you are modifying an existing reel,
be aware this housing is for use with five hole side plate rings. If your existing outer side rings have
eight holes, then replace them with two 2N-114 five hole outer rings.
There is no need to change the inner rings, since the extra inner ring screw holes will be hidden
by the half-frame graphite housing.
It is also likely that you may have to squeeze the frame with a hand clamp to line up the top frame screws.
Heavy duty 34-50T studs and light duty 34-10KG studs fit this 183-114 graphite half-frame.
This frame style is the pre-cursor to the newer designed 114H2 series of Penn Senator reels.
Penn Old SKU #: 183-114
Penn New SKU #: 183-183-114
Our Price: $50.00 EACH
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