Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models.

Fits Reels (23-965 handle nut):
955, 965

Fits Reels (23-555 handle nut):
112H2, 113L2, 113H2, 113H2-LH, 113H2LW, 113H2SP, 113HN, 330LD, 515MAG2, 525GS, 525MAG, 525MAG2, 525MAGT, 535GS, 535MAG, 545GS, 545MAG, 555GS, 555MAG, 975, 975CS, 975CSLD, 975LD, SQL12, SQL15, TRQ100, TRQ200, TRQ300

NOTE: A standard locking wrench can also be used, as these are just regular hex nuts as opposed to specially shaped nuts.

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