Multi Use: This item is used on multiple models in different quantities.

225LD, 320LD, 330LD: Dog Spring (uses 2)

12V, 12VS, 12VSX: Drag Cover Lock Spring (uses 1)

85 (Early Run Reels):
If your 85 has a wooden knobbed handle on it, it uses the 14-60 bent copper dog spring, rather than this newer coiled spring.

350M: Spiral Gear Dog Spring (key# 79 on schematic, uses 1).

Older 60, 65, 66, 67, 68 Longbeach and 111 112 113 Senator reels:
Prior to 1953, those models used the 14-60 bent copper dog spring. In 1953, this was changed to the current 14-99 coiled spring. Check reel and order 14-60

140L, 140L-LH, 145, 146L:
The 14-99 spring may be usable as a sub for the 14C-140, but would require modification. About a third of the spring will need to be cut off the 14-99, so that it can fit against the dog, rather than the original 14C-140. Also, it is only tucking up against the dog, not fitting inside the hole like the original, narrower spring.

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