These reels were manufactured by Penn Fishing ( in the United Kingdom.
There are no parts available for them in the USA.
We are just listing them for reference for those who coming looking for this particular reel.

Model mono capacity max drag Gear Ratio weight

Commander Pro 20LW 300yds/20lb 12lb 4.2:1 18oz
Commander Pro 30LW 330yds/30lb 18lb 4.2:1 22oz

For more information about the UK/European reels, see their website:

Information from on this reel:

Boasting corrosion-proof, one-piece graphite frames both the 20lb and 30lb models come with a levelwind. They have found a huge following in Norway for fishing the deep fjords, and are ideally suited to wreck fishing in the UK. Because almost all of the internal components are now Stainless Steel, they stand up to the abuse that this type of heavy-duty fishing brings.

Over 150,000 of the Commander models have been sold in Europe alone – they might not look the prettiest reel ever built, but they do they job very well and outlast many more expensive, but inferior quality competitors.

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